Have a medicine cabinet (or a kitchen cabinet) full of vitamin and mineral supplements?

Lots of us have one that looks like this (or worse):

cabinet full of vitamins

We take our supplements morning, noon, and night – literally.

It can be a real pain:

  • Choosing which of the thousands of supplements on the market are right for you can definitely be overwhelming. If you are the type of person that can just walk into any GNC and know exactly what you need – you are not the person I’m speaking to now.
  • Then once you make your decision on which supplements you need, it can be really easy to lose track of what to take and when to take it. If you’re busy, forgetting is likely. Plus, you really must consider whether your vitamins are dangerous and whether vitamins are a waste of money.

So, what if I told you there is one supplement that can address your bodies 5 major systems, bringing them into balance?*

There is one herbal supplement that can address your:

  1. Digestive system
  2. Immune system
  3. Respiratory system
  4. Circulatory system
  5. Endocrine system

Plus, its really easy to remember to take because its only once a day!

Now, I’m not saying this is the be-all, end-all of vitamin supplements. However, if you are one of those people that would like to simply your regimen (for whatever reason), then Sunrider Quinary is for you.

Let me explain…

Quinary = 5 Formulas in One

Quinary’s positive effect on the body is so widespread because it is made up of five different formulas (one to address each of the body’s five major systems) – all of which are effective enough to be sold separately.

They are shown in this graphic as separate supplements to demonstrate how each of the five formulas within Quinary work.

5 systems of the body - quinary

Prime Again is designed to address the body’s endocrine system with herbs that work in harmony with the body’s hormone-producing glands.  Excellent for hormonal issues.*

Conco addresses the respiratory system with herbs that help balance the body through a combination of “warming” (cleansing) and “cooling” (nourishing) effects.*

Assimilaid addresses the body’s digestive system with herbs that help the body process food quickly and efficiently.*  Tastes like cinnamon.

Lifestream supplies nutrients for the cardiovascular and circulatory system with herbs that help promote balance and fluidity throughout the body.  This formula enhances the proper circulation of blood, which is crucial to overall good health.*

Alpha 20C aids the body with herbs that contain naturally occurring antioxidants and fortifying properties for the immune system.*

Sunrider Quinary is so easy!

Quinary comes in three forms:

  1. Powder – taken once a day mixed with a NuPlus smoothie, Vita-Shake, or in your Fortune Delight or Calli Tea.
  2. Capsule – take one with each meal
  3. Liquid – Liqui-Five (the liquid version of Quinary) can be dropped into any drink; taken with each meal

Is Quinary all you need?

Of course, everyone’s situation is different, but I like to think of it like this: Quinary is the foundation on which you should build everything else.

Let’s use me as an example.

I have problems with my immune system. I get a lot of colds and other illnesses associated with my respiratory system. My cholesterol is a little high, sometimes I feel a mental cloudiness, I feel like my digestive system function could improve. I want to lose weight, and I have aches and pains associated with inflammation.  Pretty standard stuff.

So, my daily regimen includes, Quinary, Alpha 20C, Conco, Fortune Delight, Calli, and NuPlus.  I have also started taking SunTrim+ to aid my weight loss efforts.

If you are easily overwhelmed by the selection of items on the market, Quinary is the best place to start for you. And with over 400 products, Sunrider can easily address your individual issues when you are ready.*

And, don’t worry. A Sunrider professional will be happy to speak to you about your individual concerns and explain to you how a customized Sunrider whole foods regimen can help you achieve the optimum health that you seek. Please contact me if you need assistance with any Sunrider product.

Quinary Proprietary Blend:

Ingredients: Chinese Yam,  Hedyotis Diffusa, Chinese Skullcap Root, Dandelion Root, Guo Teng, Licorice Root, Chinese Mint Leaf, Paris Polyphyllia Root, Mandarin Orange Peel, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Seed, Fennel Seed, Cinnamomum Aromaticum Bark, Poria, Ginger Root, Forsythia (Golden Bells) Fruit, Japanese Sophora Flower, Epimedium Leaf, Chinese Hawthorn Fruit, Ligusticum Chuanxiong Root, Schisandra Fruit, Siler (fang feng) Root, Panax Ginseng Root, Japanese Honeysuckle Flower, Peucedanum Root, Chrysanthemum Flower, Dipascus Asper Root, Angelica Pubescens Root, Chinese Ginger Root, Allium Tuberosum Seed, Balloon Flower Root, Lopatherum Leaf, Ophiopogon (Dwarf Lilyturf) Root,  Paper Mulberry Fruit, Polygala Root, Imperata Root, Cornus Officinalis Fruit, Kudzu Root, Burdock Fruit, Cnidium Seed, Giant Reed Root, Desert Broomrape, Schizonepta Tenuifolia, Plantago Asiatica Seed, Bai-zhu Atractylodes Root, Lycium Fruit, Eucommia Bark, and Morinda Root.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.